Employer Branding


Enhance employee engagement, boost company efficiency, and promote employee well-being by identifying key factors for action at both individual (personal aspirations) and corporate (collective mapping) levels.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the level of commitment displayed by employees towards their work.

It serves as a significant indicator of their motivation and involvement in their roles. This commitment is characterized by a strong cognitive and emotional attachment to the company.

Employee engagement encompasses five dimensions:

  • The intention to stay with the organization.
  • A sense of pride in belonging to the company.
  • Experiencing fulfillment in the workplace.

Active involvement in their work tasks.

A desire for continuous improvement and growth.

Why analyse engagement?

  • Only 14% of employees in Europe say they are committed to their work (source: Gallup, 2022).
  • Highly engaged employees are 21% more productive than the average (Gallup) An engaged employee is more likely to contribute to innovation and business transformation.

Why analyse engagement?

  • Once a year to track changes in overall engagement
  • After periods of major changes (new strategy, reorganisation, etc.) to assess their impact on employee engagement.

What are the benefits of analysing engagement at work?

For the employer

  • Reducing employee turnover rate
  • Enhancing performance, both in-role and extra-role
  • Boosting productivity and increasing profits
  • Reducing the costs associated with staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Improving collaboration among employees
  • Improving the overall customer experience and receiving better satisfaction feedback

For employees

  • Strengthening employees’ sense of recognition, appreciation, and belonging to the company
  • Enhancing employee motivation
  • Facilitating improved communication within teams
  • Promoting better health in the workplace

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