HR action plans

Identify your major HR projects and take action with high-impact action plans.

With Balencio, you know exactly what HR actions to take to correct the areas of concern identified in the analysis. Our scientific models provide you with recommendations based on objective and reliable data.

Identify and prioritize priority actions

With Balencio, you can pinpoint priority actions by analyzing the measured indicators. This allows you to prioritize and focus on the actions that have the most significant impact on the metrics and require immediate attention. Thus, you gain a clear vision of the steps needed to achieve your objectives effectively.

Collaborate and monitor the progress of action plans

With Balencio, you can effortlessly collaborate with different stakeholders in the company to ensure the success of your HR action plans. Assign tasks and monitor their progress over time. Evaluate the effectiveness of the action plans and make adjustments as needed to achieve your goals efficiently.

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Gather feedback from your collaborators on the questions that truly matter to you. Build your own questionnaires in just a few clicks. Ask as many questions as you’d like.

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