Employer Branding


Ensure that new employees are successfully integrated into the company. Assist newcomers in grasping the company’s challenges, its organizational structure, and the responsibilities they will undertake.

Successful onboarding: why is it so important?

  • 69%. Employees who have received an effective onboarding experience are 69% more likely to remain in post for 3 years (SHRM).
  • 50 %. The cost of replacing an employee can amount to up to 50% of their annual salary (SHRM).
  • 62 %. Companies with a structured onboarding process are 62% more likely to be profitable than those without (Aberdeen Group).

When should onboarding effectiveness be surveyed?

  • Within the first 3 months to gauge employee satisfaction with the integration process.
  • After 6 months to evaluate the retention of new hires.
  • After 1 year to assess the overall effectiveness of the onboarding experience.

The benefits of successful onboarding

For the employer

  • Accelerating the onboarding process for new employees, reducing the time it takes to settle into their new roles.
  • Increasing the productivity of new hires
  • Improving talent retention
  • Strenghtening communication between new employeens and existing teams
  • Reducing the cost associated with replacing departing employees
  • Improves employer branding

For employees

  • Making it easier to take up a new post and integrate into the team
  • Improving comprehension of the company and its challenges
  • Reinforcing a sense of belonging and well-being among employees, knowing that they are well taken care of

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