Communication plan

Give meaning, increase participation and facilitate your project follow-up thanks to an effective communication plan.

Get all your staff on board

Don’t leave your employees indifferent. Balencio helps you build a communication plan tailored to your needs. Make sure you give meaning to the survey so that everyone understands its importance and feels ready to respond.

Help your project succeed

Our communication plan feature guides you through each stage of the project, from announcing the survey internally to communicating the results, via the various follow-up and thank-you phases.

Create personalized communication emails

With Balencio, you can easily personalize communication emails according to the needs of each target, to ensure that all workers receive the most relevant information tailored to their situation.

Be more efficient

Once your communication plan has been generated, you can save time by following a clearly defined structure that takes into account all the stages required for a successful campaign. We can also provide you with turnkey communication tools to make your campaign even more effective.

You’re going to love these features!


Gather feedback from your collaborators on the questions that truly matter to you. Build your own questionnaires in just a few clicks. Ask as many questions as you’d like.

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