Research Centre

The Global Risk Analysis, the flagship module of Balencio, is the result of several years of scientific research. Building on this foundation, Balencio has further expanded its range of modules through research projects backed by the Walloon Region. Discover how our Research Centre employs a rigorous and scientific approach to develop these diverse modules.

scientific foundations

From 2012 to 2016, Jacques Grégoire, Vice-Rector of UCLouvain, led the development of Balencio. It resulted from a collaboration between the psychology and computer science departments, leading to the creation of a tool capable of detecting workplace burnout.

Building on this practical experience and extensive scientific research, Balencio developed an online self-assessment tool designed specifically for organizations. This tool serves as a steering mechanism, focusing on identifying and measuring psychosocial risks at both the individual and organizational levels.

Ongoing scientific validation

The development of our modules is based on a rigorous approach approved by a scientific committee made up of several professors from UCLouvain and Balencio’s Head of Research and Development.

This scientific approach is based on a number of stages, including :

  1. A review of the scientific literature on the subject in question
  2. Focus groups or individual interviews with local players
  3. The creation of a multi-factor model made up of factors (causes) and indicators (consequences) themselves made up of different items
  4. Statistical analysis of internal consistency (empirical validity)

Literature Review

Focus Group


Validity Test

We also regularly re-evaluate our modules to ensure they remain valid over time.

All the validated modules are then integrated into the Balencio platform. They are rigorously analysed and tested by Balencio’s Head of Research & Development before being offered to customers. This process is designed to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data and information transmitted.

Data processing

We also carry out statistical analyses on all our data. The aim of these analyses is to identify central trends in occupational health and to enrich the Balencio platform algorithm by providing our customers with more advanced statistical analyses such as correlations or comparisons of averages. These analyses are carried out and integrated into the Balencio platform by our Data Analyst.

Scientific documents are produced for each of our modules. Don’t hesitate to ask for them if you would like more information.