Development & Performance


Identify the leadership strengths and areas for improvement among managers to enhance individual and collective performance.

Why analyse leadership?

  • 50% of employees leave their jobs because of their line manager (Gallup)
  • Leaders can have a considerable impact on employee performance and engagement

When should employee leadership be measured?

  • During the onboarding process
  • During appraisal interviews
  • During and after assuming a managerial position
  • After periods of major organisational change
  • When management has been identified as a risk factor (e.g., through our Psychosocial Risks or Global Risk Analysis module) and further exploration is desired.

What are the benefits of analysing leadership?

For the employer

  • Helps identify leadership coaching needs
  • Increases employee retention and loyalty
  • Improves team performance
  • Reinforces corporate culture
  • Facilitates the implementation of change
  • Reduceing absenteeism
  • Increases productivity and profitability

For employees

  • Improves employee and manager satisfaction
  • Reduces stress and burn-out
  • Increases engagement and motivation
  • Enhances confidence in leaders and managers
  • Encourages innovation and openness to change

Help managers become better leaders with Balencio

Choose one of our ready-made modules, customize it as needed

Determine the target groups of employees to be surveyed

Balencio questions them and follows up if necessary

Employees receive their results and support options

You get a global, anonymized overview of your results

You can identify your action points at a glance

Track results over time and compare them with the benchmark

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