Employer Branding

Diversity & inclusion

Foster diversity and inclusion within your company.

Why analyse diversity and inclusion?

The analysis of diversity and inclusion is essential due to their significant impact on a company’s success and competitiveness. According to recent studies (McKinsey), companies with diverse teams outperform their sector’s average financially. Moreover, team diversity fosters innovation, creativity, and employee retention.


When should diversity and inclusion be measured?

  • At least once a year to measure changes in practices and behaviour (recommended)
  • When integrating new employees
  • During periods of major changes in the company (new strategy, new management, new team, etc.).

What are the benefits?

For the employer

  • Reinforcing the company’s culture and social responsibility
  • Contributing to a better understanding of employees’ needs and expectations
  • Identifying areas for improvement in diversity and inclusion management

For employees

  • Enhancing the sense of belonging and inclusion among employees
  • Improving the perception of fairness and justice within the company.
  • Increasing motivation and commitment at work

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