Employer Branding


Ensure employees’ happiness and motivation by identifying key action points that address both individual aspirations and collective objectives within the company.

Why analyse employee satisfaction?

  • Satisfied employees are 12% more productive than the average (University of Warwick)
  • Several studies have shown a correlation between job dissatisfaction and absenteeism, as well as a high rate of staff turnover.

Dissatisfied employees can be detrimental to the company’s productivity and performance, and thus have a negative impact on results or the customer experience. When should satisfaction be measured?

  • Once a year to track changes in overall satisfaction (recommended)
  • After periods of major changes (new strategy, organisational developments, etc.) to assess their impact on employee satisfaction

What are the benefits of analysing employee satisfaction?

For the employer

  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Improving worker productivity and performance
  • Reducing the cost associated with replacing dissatisfied workers
  • Improving customer experience
  • Improving employer brand
  • Reduceing absenteeism
  • Increasing employee motivation

For employees

  • Reinforcing the sense of recognition and value for employees in their work.
  • Helping to improve working conditions
  • Reinforcing the feeling of belonging to the company
  • Facilitating smooth communication within teams
  • Improving overall well-being and promotes a healthier work environment.

Improve your employees satisfaction with Balencio

Choose one of our ready-made modules, customize it as needed

Determine the target groups of employees to be surveyed

Balencio questions them and follows up if necessary

Employees receive their results and support options

You get a global, anonymized overview of your results

You can identify your action points at a glance

Track results over time and compare them with the benchmark

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