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Pulse surveys

Set up Pulse surveys to better understand your employees’ concerns and increase their engagement.

Why Pulse?

Pulse surveys offer a way to regularly and instantly measure your employees’ engagement, well-being, and performance. They provide the advantage of identifying issues before they escalate and enable you to take prompt corrective measures.

When to use Pulse surveys?

  • When real-time data is required to make informed decisions on specific matters
  • During times of significant organizational changes
  • When implementing new HR policies
  • For major projects with substantial implications.
  • In particular socio-economic or sector-specific situations.
  • To detect and address any potential friction or dysfunction within teams.

What are the benefits of Pulse surveys?

For the employer

  • Improves employee satisfaction and commitment
  • Makes it easier to identify potential issues
  • Improves internal communication

For employees

  • Gives employees the opportunity to express their views
  • Facilitates active participation from everyone in driving company improvements
  • Gives importance to shared opinions

Carry out your Pulse surveys with Balencio

Choose one of our ready-made modules, customize it as needed

Determine the target groups of employees to be surveyed

Balencio questions them and follows up if necessary

Employees receive their results and support options

You get a global, anonymized overview of your results

You can identify your action points at a glance

Track results over time and compare them with the benchmark

You’re going to love these features!


Gather feedback from your collaborators on the questions that truly matter to you. Build your own questionnaires in just a few clicks. Ask as many questions as you’d like.

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