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Ease the reintegration of employees after extended absences. Provide comprehensive support for their return to work, ensuring a smooth transition, and keeping them aligned with the company’s strategy.

What is reintegration?

The process of reintegrating employees after a period of absence is crucial for ensuring a smooth return to work with peace of mind. Balencio enables you to measure employees’ satisfaction levels upon their return and identify any support or adjustments needed in their working conditions. Additionally, you can obtain recommendations from Balencio to facilitate the reintegration process and proactively prevent psychosocial risks.

Why offer support after a period of absence?

  • To reduce the risk of an employee relapsing following a prolonged absence
  • To maintain productivity and avoid project delays
  • To limit psychosocial risks for employees

When should the reintegration of employees after a period of absence be measured?

  • After an absence of more than 3 months due to illness or accident
  • After parental leave
  • After a sabbatical or training period

What are the benefits?

For the employer

  • Limits the risk of disengagement
  • Maintains team productivity
  • Reduces psychosocial risks
  • Reduces absenteeism costs and the difficulty of finding replacement staff

For employees

  • Helps employees feel supported and accompanied
  • Quickly restores confidence in her/his abilities
  • Helps better understand the company’s objectives and expectations
  • Enables employees to return to work more serenely and in line with their needs

Facilitate the reintegration of employees

Choose one of our ready-made modules, customize it as needed

Determine the target groups of employees to be surveyed

Balencio questions them and follows up if necessary

Employees receive their results and support options

You get a global, anonymized overview of your results

You can identify your action points at a glance

Track results over time and compare them with the benchmark

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