Customer – Spuerkeess

Customer – Spuerkeess

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Spuerkeess - Sandra Schengen

Who is Spuerkeess?

The ‘Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État Luxembourg’, better known as Spuerkeess, is a financial institution founded in 1856. As the exclusive property of the Luxembourg state, it is distinguished by its stability, innovative approach, and extensive network, the largest in Luxembourg, comprising numerous branches and self-banking spaces.

It employs 1,900 professionals dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its business and private clients and supporting them in their financial projects.

Why a partnership with Balencio?

Sandra Schengen, Deputy Head of HR & People Management at Spuerkeess, highlights the challenges the bank faced before partnering with Balencio. “As a large organization, it was essential for us to accurately understand the reality experienced by our employees in order to develop the most effective and relevant HR strategies. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to refine our analysis of employee feedback in both a rigorous and scientific manner. Our previous tools, limited by their simplicity, did not allow us to achieve the required level of detail.”

With the adoption of Balencio, Spuerkeess relies on an intelligent HR assistant capable of finely deciphering employees’ perceptions based on rigorous scientific models and supporting well-informed strategic decisions.

Furthermore, the platform offers Spuerkeess the ability to quickly generate detailed reports essential for addressing various requests from the Management Committee. “This level of responsiveness and precision is indispensable for an institution of our size, and we are delighted with it.”


Spuerkeess calls on Balencio to help analyze its human capital

Sandra Schengen

Deputy Head of HR and People Management

“Balencio offers numerous advantages for the analysis, presentation, and processing of the results of our HR measurement campaigns. The summaries are clear and easily understandable, which is particularly useful for presentations to the Management Committee. We particularly appreciate the functionality for generating pre-filled and predefined reports, allowing us to customize the documents according to the audience.”

The advantages of Balencio

✅ A scientifically validated method that adds efficiency and objectivity to your HR action plans

✅ The ability to break down results very precisely according to the desired level of analysis (by site, function group, department, etc.)

Personalized reports that are easy to understand and useful for Management Committee meetings

Benchmarking features to compare and measure progress against industry standards

Ease of use of the platform for simple analysis and effective monitoring of results

Their favorite features


Gain a precise understanding of the connections between the different aspects of the company. Identify the trends and behaviors impacting your strategic challenges.

Employee recommendations

Encourage your employees to take an active role in their own well-being.

The experience of Spuerkeess employees

Spuerkeess employees are particularly charmed by Balencio’s playful and confidential approach to expressing their feelings. Additionally, at the end of each evaluation campaign, they receive personalized recommendations and resources, which encourages them to actively participate in improving their well-being.

Sandra Schengen highlights this distinctive aspect of Balencio. “In our comparison of the various available solutions, Balencio clearly stood out. The platform promotes proactive employee participation. This criterion was decisive in our decision because it perfectly matches our commitment to employee empowerment.”

Why Spuerkeess recommends Balencio

Sandra Schengen highly recommends Balencio for its user-friendliness, its speed in providing relevant information to the right interlocutor, and its detailed analysis capabilities. She explains: “The Balencio interface greatly facilitates the cross-referencing of various indicators. This way, we can quickly discover the connections between these variables at any level of the organization, whether by department, function, or location. This functionality ensures that our action plans respond precisely and effectively to the specific needs we have identified, and this with surprising ease.”



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