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Customer – ANPI

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Who is ANPI?

ANPI, recognized for its commitment to fire and theft prevention, is a non-profit association founded at the initiative of Belgian insurance companies grouped within Assuralia. Today, it also brings together insurers, various industrial federations, professional associations, and representatives of public authorities, all united by a common interest in risk prevention.

ANPI stands out for its commitment to creating a safe and healthy work environment, with a focus on balancing work and private life and preventing psychosocial risks, including those related to hyperconnectivity.

Why a partnership with Balencio?

ANPI partnered with Balencio to proactively address the challenges posed by hyperconnectivity in the workplace, a topic highlighted by Kris Collier, their prevention advisor. This initiative was taken following an analysis of psychosocial risks that revealed the need to specifically assist a team of mobile trainers, often on the move.

Balencio was selected for its effectiveness in providing accurate and rapid assessments, allowing ANPI to promptly and effectively respond to the risks faced by its employees and to take measures that go beyond new regulatory requirements

The advantages of Balencio

Targeted tool for raising awareness of risks associated with hyperconnectivity.

Rapid and detailed diagnosis of risky practices.

Identification of risks with dual dimensions: organizational (related to management and corporate culture) and personal (specific to the individual).

The Hyperconnection module

Using Balencio’s Hyperconnection module, identify and raise awareness among your employees of risky behavior in terms of overuse of digital tools.

The experience of ANPI’s employees

Employees of ANPI have benefited from Balencio’s personalized approach by receiving a report and personalized recommendations that allowed them to understand and manage their own hyperconnectivity situation. Data segmentation by department has also allowed ANPI to effectively target interventions and offer tailored training, thereby improving the effectiveness of prevention measures.

Why ANPI recommends Balencio

ANPI recommends Balencio for its ability to address hyperconnectivity issues in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner. The tool contributes to a better quality of work life by providing a clear understanding of the challenges associated with hyperconnectivity and facilitating the implementation of necessary actions to address them, both at the personal level through proactive initiatives and at the organizational level as a whole.



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